About us

Kęstutis and ViktorijaDSC04211Our small family nursery of perennials, covering 0,6 hectares, is located in the central part of Lithuania, where the climate corresponds to zone 5 (according to USDA classification). We have been growing the flowers for 20 years. All plants are grown in open soil; we do not cover them with anything in the winter. As a result, we lose part of experimental plants, but the survived ones are resistant to northern European conditions. At present, the collection includes about 5,000 varieties and species of perennial herbaceous plants. We grow lots of ornamental grasses, hostas, peonies, succulent plants, plants for rock-gardens, bearded irises. Our entire range of plants for sale can be reviewed on our website in the Lithuanian language www.vysniauskugeles.lt . Most of these plants are sold only on the spot – at the nursery. Over the past few years we have specialized in the collection of daylilies, phloxes and beardless irises. Currently we have one of the largest collections of daylilies in Lithuania (about 1640 varieties) and one of the largest collections of phloxes in Europe (more than 1800 varieties).

Our nursery is also engaged in selection of some plants. Viktorija Vyšniauskienė has been selecting lilies and tree peonies for many years. DSC05717In recent years, she started the selection of daylilies. Kestutis Vyšniauskas has introduced the seedlings of several daylilies and interspecific peony hybrids.

All plants for sale are bred only by us manually. Since we are collectors, we can sell very small quantities of some varieties – usually from 5 to 30 pieces. Only some older varieties are available in larger quantities. We ship by courier daylilies, phloxes, irises, lilies, hostas and several other easily shipped plant varieties to all EU countries. All other plants are sold only at the nursery.

The plants and flowers have become our way of life almost since the childhood. We like to travel to different parts of the world, where we spend most of our travel time in the wild nature.

We speak Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.